How to Make the Holiday Season Special for Your Families

With the holidays fast (I mean, really, really fast!) approaching, everything is starting to feel festive and BUSY!

What does this mean for you? Well, a lot.

Because all holidays — regardless of which ones you celebrate — have the central theme of family, what better time of year to really celebrate and kick things up a notch to improve and foster family and staff relationships?

As an early childcare business owner, you’re a part of dozens, if not hundreds of families, and some effort now can go a long way later.

So, here are some ways to make this season a special one for all.

Be Inclusive

Survey your families to find out exactly what they celebrate at home. Then, ensure your teachers know to cover all the holidays and enable the students to craft, play and learn about each one. How special would it be for a student to bring home a personalized piece of art or a book that is uniquely theirs about their own holiday? Taking this time can go a very long way with parents and students feel welcomed and cared for.

Lighten The Load

The holidays, unfortunately, aren’t always fun and games. Many times they come with a significant financial burden that can be a heavy and stressful load to carry for families. So why not lighten it? With Fyv Tuition Assistance, you can make monthly tuition much more manageable by offering an, “educate now and pay later” option — enabling families to defer their childcare costs with a manageable repayment plan. This leaves more financial freedom to enjoy all the season has to offer, and less penny pinching when they need it the most.

Build A Sense of Community

This is a time to give back, so embrace it within your center. Host a toy drive, pajama drive, or hat/glove drive to help facilitate donations that will go to local community members in need.

Offer the opportunity for both yourself, your staff and your families to do good and feel good by arranging volunteer opportunities at community celebrations, local homeless shelters or other community-based organizations.

You can ensure involvement throughout your center by devoting art time to creating paper decorations and cards that can be donated, too! When it comes to giving back, the more — the merrier!

Be Mindful

Some daycare centers close the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day, which can create huge professional and financial strain on working parents. For parents who don’t have off, they may be left grappling with arranging childcare and If you choose to close, ensure you have communicated the closure many times.

It will also go a very long way if you offer alternative such as back up facilities within the neighborhood, or enabling your teachers or assistants that are available for babysitting during those days to do so. However you can make this easier on families, the better!

Be Festive

A mix and mingle event with all of your families to celebrate either the kickoff of the holidays or the start of a fresh and exciting New Year is a great way to continue building a sense of community and culture within your center. Being mindful of everyone's hectic schedules during the next few weeks, perhaps a January New Year’s party on a Saturday morning would work quite well. Hey - parents are always looking for indoor activities this time of year! Serve up the cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows!), offer snowflake or resolution-themed crafting opportunities, crank up the tunes and enjoy all the smiles!

This time of year is a great opportunity to focus on your families which in turn can help positively impact student retention, staff turnover, and future recruitment. Put in the effort now, and reap the benefits in the future.

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