Hey World, Meet Fyv!

We are excited to share Fyv with the world! (beta)

Our mission is to ensure every family has access to quality early education and childcare. We do this through our trusted marketplace and lending platform for people to discover and afford daycare and early education programs.

Fyv is changing the way parents and families find and afford early education.

Finding childcare and early education programs is stressful and time-consuming. Too many paper-based application forms, physical checks, and phone calls. It was surprising to us that software had not eaten this $57bn industry. The early childhood education industry is ripe for innovation.

But we do our work because of the deep impact this industry can have on millions of families.

We believe in allowing parents and caregivers to return to work. We believe in the importance of giving parents flexibility and ease of mind to live the lives they want to. Most importantly, we believe in the power of education and its compounding effects especially when it starts early.

Few other industries can do so much for so many. We're ready.


What you can do to help Fyv:

1) Please spread the word to parents and early childhood education professionals!

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Here's to bright days ahead! ☀️

- The Fyv Team

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