How Your Daycare Can Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

With more and more working parents seeking daycare as their top choice for early childcare and education, the early childhood market continues to grow. So much so, in fact, that the global child daycare services market is expected to grow from $339 billion in 2018 to $520 billion in 2022.

When it comes to daycares, parents now have more options than ever before — which is truly wonderful for them but can be a pretty significant challenge for you and your facility to stand out amongst the crowd.

In many areas, the daycare market is quickly becoming oversaturated with multiple facilities within just a few miles of one another — sometimes even less. Competition can be fierce, and it may be proving difficult to distinguish your daycare from the others.

So, let Fyv help!

We can work with you to empower your business with marketing, software, and a unique approach to financing. With our help, and with these tips, you’ll be sure to stand out regardless of how oversaturated your local market might be.

Communications and Technology

Our world is connected seemingly 24/7, so families will want to be able to communicate often and in a responsive manner. Because of this, the more high-tech and fast-paced your communication methods are, the better. (With respect to your employee's time too, of course.) Consider utilizing apps that enable you to direct message with parents, communicate critical care details including meal consumption, nap times, diaper quantity and quality, etc. all in real-time. Streaming video services are also sought after, as are state of the art security features. Being able to make the parents feel as though they are an active part of the care throughout the day can mean so much.

Beyond the manner in which you communicate, HOW and WHAT you communicate is just as important. Being consistent in your words and correspondence with potential families is essential to your facility and/or brand's integrity. Be sure your message is clear and consistent, always.

If you sign up with Fyv, you will be able to showcase all these wonderful attributes and more within your custom profile, enabling you to reach more families, too!


You can market yourself to the moon and back, provide a stellar tour experience, and have a strong reputation — but without positive, detailed and authentic reviews from real past or present families you have serviced, you essentially have nothing.

With Fyv, all prospective families will have instant access to validated and recent reviews from REAL families (current or former families of the facility), which is invaluable.

Community Relations

As early education providers, you become not only an integral part of your client's families but also a part of your community. So, make it count. Form relationships with local public kindergartens so that when the time comes for your students to transition, you have made connections that will be helpful to your families. Attend special events within the community and consider sponsoring a little league team or a local girl scout event. By being active participants in your surrounding neighborhoods, you’ll not only make lasting impressions but it’s also a meaningful form of advertising, too.

Staffing and Qualifications

Go above and beyond the state requirements and refine your hiring practices to ensure only the most qualified individuals gain employment. Being able to say that all your teachers have Bachelor’s degrees, or all lead teachers have their Master’s, is an undeniable strength.

Appoint to leadership positions those who shine and have a desire to grow within your organization, and consider offering tuition reimbursement for those who seek to obtain further certifications or degrees as they grow professionally within your network.

Foster lifelong learning amongst your staff with routine professional development sessions that are research-based and centered around on real-time needs. By empowering your staff with current practices and ongoing learning opportunities, you’ll increase staff retention and strengthen their talents and confidence.

Best of all? With Fyv, you’ll be allowed to showcase your highly regarded teacher qualifications, certifications, years of experience, educational backgrounds, expertise, and more — all at a glance and conveniently from their personal devices.

Fyv allows you to showcase your staff and their qualifications.

Innovative Tuition Options

Everyone loves a good deal, and childcare is expensive. One way to stand out while making families happy and networking at the same time is to provide referral bonuses or discounts. Not only will it strengthen your presence among word of mouth referrals, but it will make families feel appreciated and valued as well. Plus, everyone loves something that will lighten the load on their wallet from time to time.

Yet for many clients, regardless of promotions, bonuses or discounts, the costs of childcare still remain overwhelming. The tuition of providing good, quality care for a young child can be a stressful point of contention for families when it comes to finances and achieving a work/life balance. We can help.

By joining Fyv, you can provide parents and families the option to pay less every month while you still receive the full tuition you need, when you need it. Thanks to Fyv Tuition Assistance, parents will have flexible payment options that will enable them to feel empowered to select the best facility (undoubtedly, yours!) without the added pressures of financial strain or stretch. It’s truly a win/win for all. (High Fyv!)


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